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Start-Up Plus service to improve your skills

Start-Up Plus service – A boost to entrepreneurship with skilled entrepreneurs and sales professionals

Start Plus service
Start Plus service

We at Pro Growth have worked for years to support start-up companies in the Start-Up Plus service and we know which things should be particularly invested in at the beginning and which are the critical factors in growing a company. We have particularly strong expertise in sales and marketing, which are usually key to a new company getting off to a strong start. We take care of your situation and give you concrete tools to help you move forward.

Come and increase your sales with our help!

What is your dream as an entrepreneur?

To make a difference? To create a pleasant workplace for yourself and perharps for others as well? To build something unique? To be able to enjoy the fruit of your labour and succeed on the path you have built?

You have made a significant choice by choosing entrepreneurship. Perhaps you have a great business idea. Even a great idea needs good sales and marketing in order to succeed.

Start-Up Plus is a free expert service provided to Uusimaa’s TE Office customers who have received an entrepreneur’s start-up grant. The service provides coaching to improve the effectiveness of your sales and marketing skills and a written plan to develop your business. In addition, according to your individual needs, you can get up to four further appointments to develop your sales and marketing skills. The service is provided by the TE Office’s contract partners, from which you can choose your preferred supplier. For more information on how to apply for the Start-Up Plus service, please email the Uusimaa TE office at

At Pro Growth we want to help you

  • To find the customer groups with the best potential for you.
  • To prepare a sales plan and figure out the most effective sales tools.
  • To build a marketing plan and marketing tools that support sales.
  • To develop your personal sales skills.

We want to help you to succeed!

Start-Up Plus service can boost your company's sales and marketing!

Start-Up Plus service – This is how we proceed

  1. In the first step, apply to join the service through the TE Office’s website
  2. Choose Pro Growth as your partner/service provider.
  3. We will contact you to set up a meeting.
  4. The meeting can be arranged remotely via Teams, or we can also meet at our office in Antinkatu 3 D, Helsinki.
  5. In and between the meetings we will focuson your business plan together, and especially on the sales and marketing factors that are crucial for the success of your business.
  6. We will prepare a concrete development plan for you, and if you abide by it, you are certain to succeed. We will support you also in the future where needed.

Start-Up Plus service – Why choose Pro Growth Consulting

  • As entrepreneurs ourselves, we thoroughly know the world and the challenges of entrepreneurship.
  • We personally focus on your company and build a concrete path for the development of your business, from the first steps to success.
  • Sales and marketing are our particular areas of expertise, and we constantly consult and train businesses in these areas with great success.
  • We constantly receive feedback that it is easy to come to us and that it is nice and productive to do development work together with us.
  • We genuinely wish to help you and produce excellent results.

Who are we?

Jenni Kiho

Jenni Kiho

Business management consultant and coach

Consulting exp. 10 years
Business management exp. 13 years

Heli Vuoksimaa

Business management consultant and coach

Consulting exp. 6 years
Business management exp. 10 years

Timo Aittoniemi

Business management consultant and coach

Consulting exp. 13 years
Business management exp. 17 years

Virpi Europaeus

Entrepreneus, Business management consultant and coach

Consulting exp. 19 years
Business management exp. 16 years

Erkki Tuomi

Entrepreneur, Business management consultant and coach

Consulting exp. 11 years
Business management exp. 16 years