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Pro Growth Consulting helps growth-oriented companies to succeed, to build new business and to create new jobs in Finland. We are an educator, trainer, management consultant, and advisor.


Improve your sales and marketing skills – read more about Start Plus -service for new companies.

Sales can always be doubled.

This is how we help companies to grow:

Increasing sales

Did you know that business-to-business sales can always be increased by 30 – 100%? Has your sales strategy been defined and complied with? What is the sales capability of your staff? Should you have more top salespeople?


Want to look for business growth in the international market? Are you familiar with the target country’s market can you properly formulate your marketing messages? Do you know the financing options and opportunities available for internationalization?

Growing your new business

You have started a business, but you don’t know how to make it grow. It may be that the future of the company is uncertain. You have a good business idea and expertise, yet you’re not sure how to keep acquiring new customers. And how can you get your business to grow and employ others while at it?

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relations are the company’s most important asset. Understanding your customers’ needs and goals as well as the ability to anticipate their changes are hallmarks of a pioneering company. How do you strengthen and build continuity in your customer relationships?

Sales can always be