Pro Growth is a consultant and coach for growth-oriented companies

We help growth-oriented companies to succeed, to build new business and to create new jobs in Finland. We are an educator, trainer, management consultant and advisor.

We want to help growth-oriented companies succeed, to create new business and new jobs in Finland.

Can we assist you with:

International growth

Growth Plan

Internationalization training

Funding solutions
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Incresing sales

Sell Better -training


Sales and marketing consulting
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Growth of a new company

Startti Plus -service

Growth Consulting
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Customer relationship management consulting

Customer Care Plan

Customer Segmentation Tools
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Growth Plan™

The Growth Plan outlines the direction of the company’s growth for the coming 6 to 12 months and is drafted together with key executives of the company. The Growth Plan helps in optimizing the human and time resources. During the Growth Plan workshop, the products and customers the company will focus on are selected and the critical steps that the company must take to achieve growth in the near future are defined. The Growth Plan is a tool developed by Pro Growth and it has helped over 100 companies start their path of growth. Read more about the Growth Plan here!

Internationalization Training

Finnish companies are often hesitant to venture into the international market. Concerns about funding, adequacy of knowledge, and the specific characteristics of the target country often arise. We at Pro Growth have helped dozens of companies start their internationalization. We are experienced at corporate funding arrangements, preparing funding applications, and have a broad network with expertise in various markets around the world. Check out our internationalization services and contact us!

Funding solutions

If you want to invest more in your business growth than currently possible with income funding, external funding is needed. Public funding can be obtained, for example from Business Finland, ELY- Centre, and the European Union. Other options include crowdfunding, angel investors, and banks. Pro Growth assists in applying funding from Business Finland and ELY. For other financing options, we use the help of our partners. During the years 2015 to 2019, we have prepared dozens of Business Finland applications, which have helped our clients receive millions of euros of funding in total.

Sell better

The Sell Better -training is aimed at ICT-companies who want to develop their sales more systematically to support growth. The Sell Better -training gives the company a growth strategy, which ensures the appropriate use of resources. In addition, training covers the best and most up-to-date practices, and tools for sales and marketing. 


SalesKey is a test that measures a person’s behavior in sales situations. Pro Growth Consulting Oy has the exclusive right to the test that is developed in the USA and validated in Finland. Test results can be used in various ways during recruitment, in the training of a salesperson, or even the entire sales team, to reach better results.

Pro Growth’s SalesKey Package includes testing one or more individuals, analyzing and reviewing results with test participants, and training that focuses on reinforcing the weaknesses highlighted in the test results. Also, ask for test packages for recruitment situations! 

Sales and marketing consulting

The company’s sales resources are always scarce. In sales consulting, we work together to determine the sales strategy of your company, which lays the foundation for successful sales work. The sales process is defined according to the company’s sales strategy. Also, the advantages of new digital sales and marketing tools are discussed and utilized. Professional and supportive sales management is needed when the aim is to implement changes and increase sales. Through consulting and training, we determine the most appropriate sales strategy, sales process, and practices of sales management for your situation. At the baseline, we often conduct GAP analyzes of the current and the goal states.


In marketing consulting, we focus on what kind of buyer’s path your company possesses and how it can be supported with the right content at different stages. We help you in discovering and utilizing the special skills and expertise of your staff and in selecting the right methods to reach out to your stakeholders. We help you to plan how to get recommendations and testimonials. Together we produce concrete solutions through, for example, a content production plan, a buyer’s path description, or an overall marketing plan. We examine how to become a thought leader and how conspicuousness and constant credibility can be created.

Start Plus

Are you a starting entrepreneur struggling with sales and marketing? The free Start Plus consulting service will help you develop your sales and marketing skills with the help of knowledgeable and experienced sales professionals. We want to help you plan and execute your customer acquisition so that you can reach your most important customers right from the start. We have our entrepreneurial background, we are constantly working with different companies and we have entrepreneur contacts from all over the world.

Growth consulting

Growth consulting is based on a development service, provided by the ELY authorities. The service focuses on growing your business, developing sales, marketing planning, customer relationships or management. You can apply for the service through ELY authorities and receive a total of 4 to 7 days of consultation with an authority supported price. The service is aimed at SMEs with a strong desire to develop and good means to succeed.

Customer relationship management

Customer relations are the company’s most important asset. Understanding customer needs and anticipating their changes are the hallmarks of a pioneering company. We partner with our customer when the goal is to improve their customer relationship management at a strategic or operational level. We provide ways to strengthen customer relationships and thus create continuity. We work to understand the customer’s processes and plan how value can be generated. 

Recruit Like a Pro

Is your company growing and are you in the search for new employees? Do you need help in planning your recruitment and thus securing your company’s growth? Our Employ with competence- service is the choice for you. Read more about the service that is free for entrepreneurs, by clicking the link below.