The consultants at Pro Growth Consulting Oy are top experts in their field. Our network is full of expertise and experience, and each member is one of the best professionals in Finland. By working together, we can carry out larger projects than would be possible as separate actors.

Pro Growth helps organizations to increase sales and build profitable growth.

Our experts in these processes are:

Erkki Tuomi

Sales, growth, management, internationalization, leadership, funding

Virpi Europaeus, Partner

Customer relationship management, sales, growth, internalization, leadership, management

Sales, growth, digital tools of sales & marketing, management, leadership

Jenni Kiho Pro Growth Startti Plus

Sales, marketing and funding

Heli Vuoksimaa

Strategic business development, customer acquisition, sales and marketing

Anna Tuomikoski

Marketing and Communications Manager

Jaana Hillebrandt

Project Coordinator

Heljä Saarnimo



Riina Mustonen

Project Coordinator


Marketing management and planning of marketing

Content marketing, and software-as-a-service -business

Marketing message and conversion optimization

Marketing, communications and digital marketing in English. Specialty in the Netherlands

Market and competitor analysis, search engine visibility

International sales and strategic partnerships

Internationalization, specialty in Canada, USA, Iran, Japan, and India

International sales and strategic partnership

Health Technology marketing

Design Management


Management consulting in software industry, internationalization, product development, and change management

Customer experience, e-commerce, and e-business

Sales consultancy and coaching

Sales in Netherlands

Market analysis in Netherlands


Security Officer