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The Growth Plan for your company

Does your company have a plan for growth? Growing a business requires many choices and opt-outs: who are our key customers, what are our most important services or products, which sales channels do we use, and how do we acquire new customers. Developed by Pro Growth, the Growth Plan tool creates a growth plan for your company that helps you focus your human and time resources effectively, creating a viable plan for achieving growth.

The company’s growth plan is made using the Growth Plan application developed by Pro Growth. You will be able to build your company’s plan together with an experienced consultant and the team of your choice. The consultant will guide you in making the best possible choices and in defining concrete measures to reach the desired growth.

Growth Plan -service

Read how Growth Plan can help you with international growth. Download a PDF.

Growth Plan

Why Growth Plan?

  • You will receive assistance from an experienced consultant in determining the direction for your company’s growth. The plan is made using a method that has helped over 100 companies 
  • You will no longer waste your time once you’ve chosen the customers, services or products, sales models, and marketing tools to focus on, with the help of the app.
  • The Growth Plan gives you clear to-do lists that help you track the progress of your plan.

With the Growth Plan, we have helped more than a hundred companies grow. Read more on our blog about why we decided to develop the Growth Plan and how it works.

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